Buy Wakefield

Wakefield Businesses Working Together

What is Buy Wakefield?

Would your business like to contribute to the local Wakefield economy and create jobs? You can do so by making a commitment to sourcing products and services from within the Wakefield area wherever it is possible and financially viable to do so.

Buy Wakefield is a group of like-minded business professionals in Wakefield. Its purpose is to facilitate and encourage Wakefield businesses to work together for the mutual benefit of the district. We would like to encourage and support local businesses to Buy Wakefield.

Why Buy Wakefield?

  • It benefits Wakefield’s economy - Wakefield District Council estimates that ‘for every £1.00 spent with a local SME the district benefits by at least £1.70’.

  • You can save money - You can often source your products and services much cheaper from local suppliers than you can through large national businesses.

  • You can enjoy greater efficiencies & better service levels - Being able to meet your suppliers in person can help to create better relationships and provide a greater level of flexibility.

Pledge your support

Supporting Buy Wakefield requires no financial commitment; you simply pledge to, where possible, buy products and services for your business from Wakefield district companies to help benefit the local economy. Get involved and pledge your support!